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Easily register hours, integrate with your favorite tools to get suggestions
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Manage all your projects in one place. Manage the tasks, deadlines, assignees, costs, hours and more per project. Whatever makes it easy for you.


Collaborate with your internal and external colleagues, suppliers, customers or whomever you like to work with.

Availability & Planning

Set your and your team’s availability to make sure you never forget to register your hours or include someone in the planning. Get the most out of your resources how you see fit.

Financial control

Register incoming costs on projects, see all your project costs and create a steady income on your projects by invoicing your efforts in time and money. Your in full control of all costs related aspects and more..

Hours already registered by our customers

Developers love us because we integrate with their favorite tools: bitbucket, gitlab, github and more.

Project managers love us because of the insights that we provide in their projects, budgets, deadlines and so much more.

And the administration is never missing out on hours to invoice or receipts that are forgotten to added to the customer’s bill. Hence, they love us.

Integrate with all your favourite tools

At Hour Pendulum we understand that you are using other tools.
After all, in order to make your life easier you should be free to chose the best tool that fits the job.
That’s probably also the reason why you are chosing Hour Pendulum.
That’s why we integrate seamingsly with all your favourite tools to make your life easier and your project to a succes.

  • Get hour suggestions on basis of comits and calendar appointments
  • Don't miss out on updates by slack notifications
  • Easily migrate your tasks
  • And much more....

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